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When You've Been Arrested For A Crime, Contact The Most Experienced Attorney In Town

A drug related charge requires a vigorous CA drug defense attorney. With the increased use of illegal drugs, the laws have become stricter in some areas and lenient in others. HS 11377 is the California Health and Safety Code that makes it illegal to possess certain drugs without a valid prescription. It can also apply to other drugs such as GHB, PCP, and special K certain anabolic steroids. There is also a difference between simple possession and possession for sale lawyer Torrance. If someone is charged with a drug crime, it could result in serious jail time, a permanent criminal record, costly fines and cause serious problems with employment now or in the future.

If someone is arrested with Meth for personal use, the penalties are not as severe as if they had the intent to sell. In Los Angeles, Torrance and all around California, there are five categories of street drugs in the law. Drugs that have more psychological or physical dependence are punished much harsher because of the danger they cause. In November 2014, a law passed decriminalising Meth, Cocaine, Heroin and concentrated Cannabis to a misdemeanor instead of a felony in the state. Although these charges are now a misdemeanor, they are still prosecuted and jail time is still a possibility if convicted.

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The best defense for limiting the penalties of a drug crime in Long Beach is to contact a defense attorney immediately. All of the drug crimes can be considered for drug diversion if the drug charge if it was for personal use. After completion of the diversion program, an individual’s criminal record may be erased. If an individual is convicted of a drug crime with the intent to sell or transport, they will not be eligible for a diversion program as part of the court process. Do not speak with the police if you’ve been arrested for possession of drugs. Anything you say could be used against you during the court proceedings.

A conviction of a drug crime could result in up to a year in prison in addition to fines. Drug Crime Lawyers in Los Angeles are very experienced in the law and representing clients with these types of crimes. They understand every aspect of the law and what defense should be used. They understand that every case has a different set of circumstances that lead to the arrest. They will offer legal advice that pertains directly to your current set of circumstances. Contact an experienced criminal drug attorney immediately if you’ve been arrested for possession or intent to sell.

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